new photos, new friends.

I recently shot with a photographer who was traveling up from LA to Portland for vacation. One of the great things about photography and modeling is that it is so collaborative, and often times leads to really awesome experiences and new friends. It's a social, and emotional experience, which often takes the collaborators to a place of vulnerability and expression. 

Vulnerability and expression is actually the point of a photoshootas evoking honest expression in a photograph is what often makes them so appealing to the viewers. For me, as a storyteller, it's a part of my artistry. 

Here's why I like Josue: he works at a hospital by day and shoots photos anytime he can to find an outlet for his creative expression. He lives honestly and has found himself grounded in the reality of his life in LA. Good job, a couple of dogs, and a really adventurous hobby that brings him closer to nature, people in his community and himself.  

Here are a few photos he took of me: 

And here are some that I took of him:

You can follow his work on his instagram page: @jra.images