Bridal Editorial for Adorn Magazine

If you listen carefully, the vast peaks and valleys of life will remind you at the most unsuspecting times never to give up. 

This editorial photoshoot comes from the vision of the most wonderful and vibrant photographer, Ashley Keleman and took place last fall in my home, Portland. We shot during an incredibly chaotic weekend, while she was visiting from LA.
I had three major shoots in two days, this multi-day editorial being one, and the "Seven Seas" music video by Emancipator being another. I remember the energy and excitement of the experiences feeding into one another, giving me an immense amount of gratitude for my life. 

That same weekend, I learned that a dear friend of mine chose to end his own life. In the absurdity of asking why and selfishly feeling responsible for not having been a more attentive friend, I was deeply comforted by the grace and compassion of the wonderful artists that surrounded me. 

Still, as life never stops, eight months later I find myself presently experiencing a similar loss and confusion for life's erratic tumbles. The reminder that regardless of experience, I have a life of incredible value and worth has been presented by way of these specific photos being featured in the wonderful Adorn Magazine's Blog; and represents a larger sense of comfort, affirmation and motivation than most. 

Please review the work of the ever talented and gracious people that I was privileged to work with on this shoot: 

Ashley Keleman Photography
A&B Creative (Coordination)
Beth Level Artistry (HMUA)
Emily Riggs Bridal (Apparel)
Selva Floral Design

Darkness/Light, Yin/Yang, Rain/Rainbows... the story is told time and time again, and I am so thankful to be surrounded by those who come together to lift one another, regardless of how and why it comes to be.