Character Portraits by Lenny Gotter

One of the wonderful days on set of The Brain That Wouldn't Die, behind the scenes photographer Lenny Gotter joined the party with a gaggle of cameras and one-of-a-kind fixtures he had made for a unique perspective on what your environment has to offer. This, with my own camera in hand, captivated my attention and I was geeking out in .02 seconds flat.

In between set-ups, Lenny and I wandered around the gorgeous property that my character, Doris (originally played by Adele Lemont) is carried through by The Monster.

Modeling has been such a treasured part of my creative expression, and I absolutely loved digging more deeply into the beautiful insecurities that Doris carried with her. Her desire to be loved manifested itself in her sensuality, which showed itself remarkably shelled and soft at the same time. 

I think we all have a little of that combination within. 

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